eFARM Academy

Program Components

The program has three (3) components:


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This will showcase the existing food and agricultural technologies developed by CLSU, such as rice and vegetable production, organic farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture, livestock raising, mushroom production and among others through the production of electronic course modules.


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The products out of the agrifishery technologies of CLSU and other PHEIs will be transformed into mouth-watering recipes with the help of the experienced chefs or cooks in town. The viewers and actual tourists will also learn food processing and food preservation technologies.

efarm academy

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eFARM Academy📚

This component will do the establishment of linkages with the target beneficiaries and audiences. Setting up of virtual classrooms or Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) offerings will ensure flexible learning. The eFARM GROW and eFARM KITCHEN will be available for tourist learners through this platform.

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eFarm Academy targets to do the Transfer Technology Program, where food and agriculture technology developed by CLSU will be showcased and the products of which will be made available for consumption.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Go to lms.efarm-clsu.com

2. Click "New Account"

3. Fill out the fields and click "Create my account"

4. Go to your email and confirm your new account

5. Once your account is confirmed, you may now log in

6. Select the course you want to enroll and click "Access"

7. Click "Enrol me"

8. Enjoy learning!

All courses are offered for FREE until December 2022.

Here are the list for courses:

1. Zero Waste Pig (ZWAP) Farming

2. Organic-based Onion Production

3. Indoor Vertical Farming System

4. Mushroom Production

5. Hybrid Rice Seed Production

6. Aromatic Rice Production

7. Aquashade Technology

8. Goat Production

In order to earn a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION, you must:

1. Complete all lessons

2. Answer and pass all learning tasks in the course

In order to earn a CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION, you must:

1. Submit proofs (photos) that you have adapted and established the eFARM technology