eFARM Academy


A no-frills technology addressing the effect of rising water temperatures associated with global warming in open-air mud-dike tilapia hatchery ponds. This technology is made of netting materials and metal frames that serves as shade protection against excess sunlight during tilapia breeding.

Resource Person: Dr. Emmanuel M. Vera Cruz, Professor VI, College of Fisheries, CLSU

Dr. Vera Cruz earned his Ph.D. in Biology major in Molecular Biology from Florida International University, Miami, Florida, USA. During the academic year 1983-1984, he topped the graduating class and made history as the first CLSU graduate to achieve the highest academic honor (Summa Cum Laude).

He is regularly asked to serve as a resource speaker and evaluator in conferences, symposia, and research and development projects review, notably on the areas of Aquaculture Engineering, Research in Biotechnology and Fisheries, Tilapia Seed Production and Hatchery Management, among others, due to his numerous research works and papers.