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Goat Production

Goat raising fits even small hold farm conditions. Investing in goat technologies would increase profit as it costs lower than other farm animals. A synthetic breed of goats, three-way cross (TWC), was developed and was proven to be higher in quality.

Resource Person: Mr. Neal A. Del Rosario, Senior Agriculturist, Small Ruminant Center, CLSU

Mr. Del Rosario is a licensed agriculturist with a background in animal science. He has strong ties to industry stakeholders, training agencies, and funding institutions in the goat industry in the Philippines, having participated in numerous research and development projects funded by prestigious award-giving bodies like the Department of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Agricultural Research, and DOST-PCCARD.

He is currently a National Facilitator of the Farmer's Livestock School on Goat Enterprise Management of DOST-PCAARRD. He is also part of the Technical Working Group for Small Ruminants of the Department of Agriculture and a member of the Technical Committee for the Philippine Small Ruminant Roadmap.

He is also one of the researchers involved in the development of the CLSU Sfeed, Portable Pellet Mill and CLSU goat milk based products.