eFARM Academy

eFARM GROW filmed its third technology: Indoor Vertical Farming System (IVFS)

eFARM Academy        February 22, 2022

The project team together with Engr. Christopher Pascual, IVFS Resource Person, conducted a video shoot of the technology last February 21, 2022. This technology is a process of growing crops in a controlled environment condition by constructing a growing chamber or greenhouse which is usually incorporated with trays or towers.

According to Engr. Pascual, the advantages of IVFS are (1) climate resilient, (2) produces safe and high quality products, (3) whole year-round production of crops, (4) space saving, and (5) less labor regiment. However, everything has downsides. Some of the technology’s disadvantages are high initial investment, high operational cost, needs technical skills, and prone to fluctuation of electricity.

With the technology’s main tagline, “Less space, more food”, start your own Indoor Vertical Farming System right next to your house.

This video will be available with the course module here on our website, soon.