eFARM Academy

Mushroom Production Starter Kits Turnover in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija

eFARM Academy        August 10, 2022

On August 5, 2022, the remaining 650 pieces of fruiting bags for mushroom production were distributed among the beneficiaries in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija. During the assessment on the progress of their adoption of the technology, a beneficiary expressed how they were able to utilize the mushrooms not only as their everyday food but also as an additional income generating opportunity. Moreover, one of the beneficiaries also shared that due to her daughter’s outpouring interest in mushrooms, he had already tried incorporating them into different dishes.

The beneficiaries also expressed their gratitude for the overflowing support that eFARM Academy is continuously providing them. They are also very eager to learn more about the other techniques for producing mushrooms. With this, the project team reminded and encouraged the beneficiaries to enroll in eFARM Academy to further their knowledge not only in mushroom production but also to the other agri-fishery technologies offered by the project.