eFARM Academy

Experiential Learning Activity on Zero Waste Pig (ZWaP) Technology at Science City of Muñoz

eFARM Academy        August 8, 2022

eFARM Academy conducted an experiential learning activity on Zero Waste Pig (ZWaP) Technology on August 8, 2022 at Brgy. Cabisuculan, Science City of Muñoz, NE with Mr. Marlon Vendivel, Technical Consultant of LGU Luisiana, Laguna and President of Bahay-Kubo (Bagong Henerasyong Aalalay sa Manggungulay ng Pilipinas) Vegetable Farmers Organization.

ZWaP Resource Person Dr. Antonio J. Barroga toured Mr. Vendivel on the said technology and demonstrated how Plastic Drum Biogas Digester (PBDB) works. Dr. Barroga also presented the benefits and the practicality of having PBDB along with how sustainable the technology is.

The eFARM Academy team also introduced their website and their Learning Management System to Mr. Vendivel where he enrolled a course on Sustainable and Efficient Animal Management Strategies. Mr. Vendivel shared that many local farmers from their municipality are interested to enroll to the technologies offered by eFARM Academy.